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Craig Street Cats is our Not For Profit Organization this year.  We'd call them our charity however they are not registered as one however they still do amazing things for the feline community!

You can learn more about them at their WEBSITE HERE.

Welcome to Wild Prairie Fur Con August 11th and 12th 2018

Winnipeg's First and Finest celebration of Anthropomorphic art, culture, and performance!  All hosted in a wonderous Galaxy filled with noble creatures big and small, plotting felines that may or may not be evil, and epic stories that you can help create.  Including amazing panels, a dance, Karaoke, a 24 hour game room, a Dealers Den, and other fantastic bits of fun.

We are pleased to have the talents of Amara Fox as our Artist Guest of Honor this year as well as as our Fursuiter Guest of honor Mojito!  For more information on our cunning and creative vulpine or graceful and musical feline, please visit our Guests of Honor page! 

Our Schedule is now available HERE.

This schedule is tentative for the moment but will be set in the next week or so!