Welcome to Wild Prairie Fur Con - August 11 & 12, 2018

Winnipeg's First and Finest celebration of Anthropomorphic art, culture, and performance!

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The Factions Writing Contest

We are pleased to announce thanks to Amara's hard work - the two factions that attendees will be sorted into at registrationat the con (With Sponsor level attendees being able to choose before hand if they so desire)!  And with them a fun little contest!

The Imperium - led by Chinona Icepaw as Empress.  (She would of course like to state she's not evil unless you consider making dogs chase their own tails till the can't stan up anymore evil)

The Insurgents - Led by Watuki Greymoon, smuggler, gunslinger, all around one class caribou. (Does not want you to know that she is evil if it comes to screwed up grammar)

While we are on Tailtooine, a planet that does not often grab the attention of the Imperium it, and the galaxy is currently ruled by Empress Chinona Icepaw, who uses the vast forces of the Imperium to keep all its citizens in line with an iron maw. But not everyone accepts the order of the Imperium. Scattered across the galaxy are the Insurgents: the downtrodden who resist the Empress’s rule, led by Watuki Greymoon. Using the information they have gathered, they lead an underground resistance, fighting back tooth and claw to restore democracy to the galaxy.


Your task: Create a short story for the Imperium or the Insurgents based on their logo and this little bit of back story.

It must be 500-750 characters long MUST be PG rated Submissions should be sent to watuki@wpfcon.ca no later than May 1st and should include author's name/alias and a link to a personal page (FA/FB/Weasyl/Personal Website) they would like people to visit.

Winners will be featured in the Conbook and on the website as well as being able to choose their faction at the con! All submissions will be available for viewing on FA with proper credits and links to their authors.