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Craig Street Cats is our Not For Profit Organization this year.  We'd call them our charity however they are not registered as one however they still do amazing things for the feline community!

You can learn more about them at their WEBSITE HERE.

Dealers Den Application

Dealers Den tables are $50 each. We have sold out of the Double table special, however you are welcome to purchase 2 tables still there is just no discount on them any longer.

During the application process we will be asking what your main focus is, this will assist us in the planning and approval process to make sure we feature a wide variety of vendors for our attendees. You are not in an way restricted to just that focus and are welcome to vend any of your creations. 

Vendors will be selected by a cross of Approval/First Come First Serve. There will be an allotment for certain types of vendors (artist, sewers and crafters, builders, etc.) Dealers will have to decide what their main item is for vending and submit that as their primary section (secondary goods will be taken into account if they sell multiple different things through their stock description)

Dealers will be put into groups and then given tables in a first come first serve basis based on their goods and the table allotments. If there are too many artists to give tables to there will be a waitlist. 

Those on the waitlist will know their placement on the list. 

Tables will be paid for AFTER the vendor has been approved through invoice. 

Most applications at this point will be sorted through and invoiced within a week of recieving them, if multiple applications come in they are date and time stamped automatically by the form so no worries there! 

Vendors and assistants require a con pass, which is not included in the price of vendor tables. (Exception given to setup and tear down helpers)