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Craig Street Cats is our Not For Profit Organization this year.  We'd call them our charity however they are not registered as one however they still do amazing things for the feline community!

You can learn more about them at their WEBSITE HERE.


Volunteers make it so that having a con is possible, they are as important as attendees as such we are going to be needing a fair number in order to help make this con a true success! You can sign up to be a volunteer here if you are 16 and over right here!  

Sadly we can't give our volunteers free passes this year, however you can certainly earn a free pass for next year!

Perks for Hours Volunteered
Under 4 hours Pick from Prizes
4-8 Hours Volunteered 50% off 2019 WPF Con basic Attendance level plus a pick from prizes
8+ Hours Volunteered Free basic attendance at 2019 WPF Con plus first pick from the prizes!
And of course, drinks and snacks for all volunteers in the volunteer lounge area!