Join us for Manitoba’s furriest celebration.

Standard Pass
$ 45 / *March Early Bird

- Full 3 Day admission to the convention

- Copy of official con-book

- A fun weekend with friends with friends!

Bronze Sponsor
$ 80 / *March Early Bird

- All Standard Pass perks
- 2020 Theme t-shirt
- Ability to purchase Guests of Honour dinner ticket
- 10 Minute early access to Dealers Den
- Coupon for Percentage off at Con Merch table*
- Your name in the programme con-book

Silver Sponsor
$ 140 / *March Early Bird

A Silver Sponsorship shows that you think the con is awesome and you'd like to help us make it happen.

- All Perks of Bronze Pass
- Guest of Honour dinner ticket
- Ability to purchase extra GoH Dinner Ticket

Gold Sponsor
$ 290 / *March Early Bird

A Gold Sponsorship is for those who not only really, really like the convention, but also wish to provide that special something extra to help us continue to bring you the best convention that we possibly can!

- All Basic Sponsor perks
- Bonus swag (yet to be announced)

All prices are in CAD. Pre-registration will end on May 1st, 2020.
*Vouchers are only redeemable at the Con Merch table and hold no cash value.
If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are accompanying a minor, please read our Minors & Young Children Policy. Then download and complete a Parental Consent form.

Day Passes

Day passes allow a person access to the convention space and activities for the day listed on the pass, as well as a copy of our souvenir convention con-book. They are available for purchase only at the convention, at Registration, on the day listed on the pass. Day passes are good for the day(s) they are purchased (shown on badge) and will expire when registration opens the following day. They are available for purchase only On-Location.

Day passes can be upgraded to full weekend passes but not sponsorships at Registration!