Dealers Den Policy

All vendors are required to follow Manitoba tax laws when vending in the Province of Manitoba.  

Dealers Den tables will be $50 each.

Tables will be paid through invoice AFTER the vendor has been approved.

Vendors will be selected by a cross of approval/first come first serve.

There will be an allotment for certain types of vendors (artist, sewers and crafters, other)

Dealers will be put into groups and then given tables in a first come first serve basis based on their primary and secondary focuses and the table allotments.

If there are too many artists to give tables to there will be a waitlist.

Those on the waitlist will know their placement on the list.

Payment for tables must be made no later than 1 month AFTER invoice date or the table will be given to next person on the waitlist.

Refunds are not available for cancelled tables within 45 days of the con as filling spaces will be more difficult, partial refunds will be discussed for those before that point. Tables will be 8 feet by 2 feet with 3 feet minumum space behind tables for single tables.

Double tables will be the same sized tables with 3 feet minimum space behind the tables.

Tables can have a maximum of 2 artists per table, or 3 per double table. 

Substitutions of artists should not be done by the artist if they can not make the convention. They are welcome to send someone else to vend for them instead. 

Vendors with a whole table or more may have 1 assistant with them behind the table during the con and 2 assistants for set up/tear down. Half tables may not have an assistant during the convention but may have an assistant for set up/tear down. 

Those that need to have power may use it as needed but are required to bring their own extension cords. 

Vendors and assistants require a Standard Pass for the convention, which is not included in the price of vendor tables.

Vendor display requirements: 50% of all DISPLAYED work should be original art/creation. Fanart can make up the bulk of non-display* art if that is what the artist primarily does. 

Adult art and Not Safe for Work content CANNOT be put on display. It can be kept in a binder/portfolio for those that are 18+ to look at. Art must still be properly censored so that any minor that might catch a glimpse sees nothing inappropriate. Adult art must be sold rolled or in a completely opaque bag so that it is not viewable when the purchaser is walking around in convention public spaces.

Content that is known to have a no selling fanart clause (such as RWBY) will be directed to be removed from sale. 

 * Non-display meaning in binders or portfolios rather than on open display.