Panel Submissions

Not all programming is as big as our main events, and most of our schedule is populated by panels, meets, and gaming items. Each year we take panel suggestions from attendees so we can build an event that you will all enjoy to the fullest.

If you have an idea for a panel or event you would like to run at the convention you are encouraged to submit it to our programming team.



Please note that these policies and rules are in full effect. Please read the following information carefully and if there are any questions do not hesitate to send us an email.

All panel suggestions must be processed through our panel submission form. This is our system of record regarding panels. Any panel request received via email will be returned with a link to the submission form. This applies to all events and performers regardless of affiliation with the convention.

Panelists MUST specify any requested equipment that we supply at the time of the panel application submission. Panelists are required to provide all additional needed equipment. You will be notified what we are able to provide if your panel is approved. We will do our best to support your panel equipment requests; however, we cannot guarantee we can accommodate it.

Wild Prairie Fur Con has LIMITED supplies Regarding the following:

Laptops/computers, TVs, and projectors.

If you can supply your own laptop, that will make it more likely that we can accommodate your panel request. If not, we will try to supply the necessary equipment but cannot guarantee equipment availability.

Wild Prairie Fur Con does NOT provide the following items for panels under any circumstance:

Those will need to be supplied by the presenter.

Pens, markers, pencils, or sharpeners, paper, etc. Panelists will need to provide these if they are required for their panel.

Specific cables for phone to computer or projector/TV. Any sort of cable needed to plug YOUR equipment into the technology we provide (projector, sound equipment, etc).

In order to prevent issues with back-to-back panels all panel times have been adjusted. Panel times are either 50, 80, 110, 170, etc. minutes, (e.g., if your apply for a 3 hour panel, your panel run time is 2 hours and 50 minutes). This allows you time to exit and the room to transition to the next panel.

Please understand that while we will attempt to accommodate your requests for time and date we may not be able to do so, and will contact you with when your panel is before we publicly announce our schedule to try to make sure that you can do it at a specific time.

You can let us know in other information if there is a panel you absolutely want to attend.

All decisions regarding acceptance or denial of panel requests are made at the sole discretion of the Panel Programming management team. A panel may be denied with the exception that it can be re-considered if all management requested changes are made.

Panel applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Those who apply first have a greater chance of getting a panel slot and their requested date/time. After the deadline, applications will be put on a wait list and will be considered only if we have space available.

A single panelist may not participate in more than 10 panels total. This is to avoid difficulty in scheduling everyone’s panels.

A panel MAY only charge the attendees a fee if it is for specialty supplies that the attendee gets to keep (e.g., art supplies) or if it is for food based events. The con will be in charge of purchasing of supplies to be distributed. Any FOOD based events will have the food supplied by the hotel as per the convention's contract with our venue. No outside food will be permitted in ANY convention space, bought or homemade.

A panel may not pass out ANY food or drink, store bought or homemade. This includes, but is not limited to: candy, chips/pretzels, pocky, ramen, water, soda pop, tea, and coffee.


Panelists may not sell anything during their panel including but not limited to merchandise or supplies. Any panel found participating in these or similar activities will be canceled and will not be allowed to return.

Panels are allowed to fund raise for our Not for Profit by passing the hat, or having a donation bucket at the door.

18+ Panels

Any panel that is identified as adult material or may be viewed as inappropriate for minors by either the panelists during the panel application or by Panel Programming management during review will be marked as 18+. All panelists for 18+ panels must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the panel, no exceptions.

Attendees for 18+ panels MUST have an adult badge without a "+" on it, which would indicate that they must accompany a minor at all times. Even with an 18+ badge, you may be asked to present a government ID before being allowed entry to an 18+ panel.