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Our Charity

Watch here for official news on our 2019 Charity!

Last year we raised over $1000 for Craig Street Cats!

Guests of Honour

Artist Guest of Honour:  Vallhund

Is an amazing freelance illustrator from Winnipeg Manitoba.  He focuses primarily on furry art, having been in the fandom for almost decade now.  In his spare time he enjoys playing videogames and attending conventions.

Fursuiter Guest of Honour:  Klace

Creative Director and Team Lead of Tall Tails Studios, this local of Manitoba has has won an Ursa Major Award for his game Major/Minor and is currently working on 'The Winds of Change' which is currently in Early Access. 

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Facebook: @Klacethehusky
Twitter: @Klace
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Fursuiter Guest of Honor: Klace