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Craig Street Cats is our Not For Profit Organization this year.  We'd call them our charity however they are not registered as one however they still do amazing things for the feline community!

You can learn more about them at their WEBSITE HERE.

Guests of Honor

tmne by amara
Teenage Mutant Ninja Ewoks
Amara Fox (Amy)

Web Site:
Lab tech by day – artist by night, Amy is like a superhero with amazing powers (Looks good in hats!) and a secret identity, complete with lab coat and glasses.

She has been involved in Furry on and off since 1995 when the Internet didn't really have pictures. Her Furry art has appeared in Furrlough in the past as well! She came back to the fandom recently in full force (She never really left) to shower everyone with absolutely adorable artwork. She has also blended anthro with science and enjoys painting bacteria with happy faces doing people things.

When she wasn't doing furry stuff, she drew cartoons and artwork for the Official Star Wars Kids magazine,, Star Wars Insider and Sketch cards for fun things like Adventure Time, Dinosaurs and Batman.



Twitter: @mojitoteef


Mojito is a goofy sabertooth making his home in Winnipeg.

He became active in the fandom in 2009 and attended his first convention. Over the next few years he would try his hand at fursuit craft and make a few costumes. The fourth creation being the second and current iteration of Mojito. During these humble beginnings you could find him in the crowds watching convention dance competitions. He found it so inspiring he had to try for it himself. After a fair amount of dance classes he particupated and placed at several competitions. The love and passion for dance keeps him moving to this day. Nothing makes him feel more free. He even runs the dances at another canadian convention Camp Feral.

Out of costume the cat is quite a nerdy boy that works in research and development at a local furniture company. He's quite the friendly creature despite those big ol' teeth. So be sure to come say hi!