Harassment Policy

General Guidelines

Consent must be expressly given before touching any attendee, or if said attendee is a minor, consent must be expressly obtained from their parents or legal guardians.

Wild Prairie Fur Con is a safe space for all attendees, guests, volunteers, and staff to come together and share a love for the furry fandom. If someone tells you “no” or to leave them alone, you must comply. 

If an attendee feels they are being harassed by any other attendee, volunteer, guest, or member of the public, please contact convention staff (Convention Operations will always have at least one staff member or Board Member) and provide them with:

A description of the incident  
A description of the instigator or their badge name 
The location of the incident 
IF available bring a witness to confirm.

DO NOT retaliate or escalate the event, as continued escalation may be considered harassment as well. 

Harassment includes, but is not limited to: physical assault, battery, glomping without permission, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwanted touching, catcalling, hate speech, and verbal abuse, and can result in the confiscation of the offender’s badge and their removal from the Convention, or, if a member of the public, reported to hotel staff. Charges may be laid if so required.

Other Etiquette Requirements

Make sure your hands are clean of dirt, grease, or foodstuffs before touching a fursuit (or any merchandise in the Dealers Den).

Always make sure that you approach a fursuiter from the front if possible, and get their attention by waving at them as well as talking clearly to them. If you can see their character name, use it, as often fursuiters field of vision is very narrow, and their hearing can be impaired by the padding/head.

Please stick to the head and shoulders as well as back if you have permission, as accidental groping is to be avoided.

Ask the fursuiter clearly if you want to do something (such as scritches or pats)

If you want a hug you can ASK permission verbally or hold your arms out like you want a hug.   Please be aware there are some fursuiters that DO NOT hug under any circumstances - they will often have tags stating such - do not try to force them to hug you or harass them for hugs.  

NEVER pull or yank on a fursuiter/cosplayers costume.

NEVER jump on or glomp a fursuiter UNLESS you have express permission and they know you are about to do so, as it can be dangerous for the suiter as well as possibly damaging their suit.

Signs a Fursuiter Does Not Want to Interact With You: If after getting their attention, a fursuiter shakes their head sideways or gestures with their hands they do not wish to interact with you, do not press them on the subject. If a fursuiter appears to be going somewhere in a hurry, they may be overheating, need to use the restroom, or are otherwise occupied; as you won’t be able to safely get their attention without being at risk of tripping them, leave them alone.