Media Policy

Wild Prairie Fur Con is Winnipeg’s first and only furry convention, and we appreciate the interest of media representatives regarding the convention and the furry fandom in general. However, we must respect the comfort, safety, and privacy of our attendees first and foremost. The purpose of our media policy is to establish common practices the convention and it’s attendees will take when interacting with any media representatives. 

Who counts as "media" for this policy: "media" will refer to any individual or group involved in mass communication (broadcasting or publishing) of material for the general public. This includes but is not limited to newspapers, magazines, books, television programs, news broadcasts, documentaries, movies, photography, radio shows, and online mass media blogs. If you're unsure if this policy applies to you, contact us.

Media Access

All media wishing to cover the convention are required to contact the con via the Contact Page no later than two weeks prior to the start of the convention with the following information: 

The name of the media representative and number of personal requiring Media Passes 
The media organization represented
The purpose of said media coverage
The desired time and scope of coverage Contact information (business telephone and/or e-mail address)
Name and contact information for representatives supervisor.

Approved media will be provided with an Official Press Badge, after which they will be allowed onto Wild Prairie Fur Con premises, however they will be restricted from photographing or shooting video in the Headless Lounge.

Media will be expected to follow the Code of Conduct, and must obtain explicit consent of participation from all attendees being interviewed, photographed, filmed, or otherwise recorded, and their consent may be revoked at any time. 

Media failing to follow these rules will be asked to destroy all recordings and have access to the Convention revoked with their supervisor being contacted.

Media that is welcomed to the con and misrepresents or sensationalizes the con, it’s attendees, or the furry fandom, will be barred from future interactions with the Wild Prairie Fur Con. 

Media without an Official Press Badge will not be permitted in convention areas unless accompanied by a Wild Prairie Fur Con Board Member or staff appointed by a Board Member. Wild Prairie Fur Con is a private event, and reserves the right to deny entry to any or all media. 

Attendee Behavior Around Media

While Wild Prairie Fur Con attendees reserve the right to opt in or out of media coverage at any time, attendees must behave responsibly when media with an Official Press Badge is present - as they should at all times. If an attendee is asked to be interviewed or photographed by media and is uncomfortable or unable to do so, ask a Wild Prairie Fur Con staff member for help. 

If media representatives without an Official Press Badge are seen without a staff or Board Member, do not speak to them and inform the nearest Wild Prairie Fur Con staff member immediately. 

Wild Prairie Fur Con Media

Wild Prairie Fur Con has the right to take photographs, video, and audio recordings for the purpose of promoting the convention. While efforts will be made to obtain consent, attendees agree to the use of their likeness without compensation at Wild Prairie Fur Con for the use of promotional material.

Attendee Media

Attendees not acting as media representatives are free to take pictures and videos at permitted con locations with exception of the Headless Lounge. 

Photography of Dealers Den Merchandise is strictly prohibited unless given permission by said dealer. 

Attendees may write about their visit online, and otherwise share their Wild Prairie Fur Con experiences with the world, however all attendee media can only be used for personal or non-commercial use.

While efforts must be made to obtain the consent from all individuals featured in media, attendees should be aware that photos and videos are taken regularly in convention spaces and that they may appear in these recordings.