Wild Prairie Fur Con Code of Conduct

This Code of conduct is agreed to by all attendees of the con, and that by purchasing a pass or sponsorship, you agree to abide by the terms set forth hereafter.

  1. Badges, Passes, and Tickets

  1. Badges are property of the con until the end of the final Con event.

  2. Badges and passes are not transferable after signing in at the con.

  3. Badges must be visible and unaltered so that staff can identify your sponsorship level, as well as age.

  4. Those found using badges that are not their own, altering their badges to higher sponsorship levels, or to appear as an 18+ badge will have their badges taken away for the remainder of the con.

  5. For those receiving passes to the next con, including those as perks for sponsor levels, they may be transferred to another if you are unable to attend BEFORE sign in at the con.

  6. Tickets to the Guest of Honor Dinner may be given to any member of the con.

  7. Sponsorship level attendees Silver or Higher may purchase additional Tickets to the Guest of Honor Dinner

2.  Age Requirements

  1. Attendees that are over 18 will be required to present Government Issued Photo ID at sign in to get their 18+ badge, otherwise they will be issued a ‘Minor’ Badge.

  2. Minor badges are for those between the ages of 10 through 17, and will grant access to all areas of the con with the exception of panels and events marked 18+.

  3. Minors 16 and over may attend the con without a guardian as long as they have a parent or guardian sign them in, or send a signed copy of the consent form if they are unable to attend, with a scanned photo id with a signature for comparison.

  4. Minors 10 to 15 years of age must have a guardian with them at all times at the con. This Guardian can either be a paid or unpaid and will be issued a Linked Badge with the Minor, and the two must be together at all times. In cases where the Guardian is issued an unpaid badge they will NOT be able to access any panels at all without the minor being with them.  Should they have a paid badge as well they will be able to attend panels on their own, including the 18+ ones if the minor is no longer with them.

  5. Minors under the age of 9 will be issued a badge free of charge when registered with a Guardian or Parent.  Minors must be accompanied by their registered Guardian or Parent at all times.

  6. The hotel and the con are not responsible for attending minors.  Minors under 16 found wandering will be taken to Con Ops and their badges will be revoked.

3.  General Conduct

  1. There is no intercom for the entire hotel, as we are taking up a good portion of it please plan on having a way of contacting your friends or children.

  2. Behavior that endangers the hotel property, people, or property belonging to other people will not be tolerated.

  3. The hotel has other guests and other events may be going on at the same time. Do not interfere in these events, or bother them.

  4. Any issues with other attendees or guests of the hotel should be brought to Con Staff attention immediately so that it can be dealt with appropriately.

  5. Fighting, lewd behaviour, or public drinking (in unlicensed areas) will not be tolerated.

  6. Private rooms that are paid for by attendees do not fall under Wild Prairie Fur Con’s Conduct code, but fall under the hotels jurisdiction.  However we ask that you do not destroy hotel property, respect other guests and do not disturb them.

4. Costumes and Weapons

  1. Costumes should be appropriate for public viewing. As such BDSM and fetish wear are not allowed, and you will be asked to change out of them into other costumes or normal clothing.  Final discretion on this is up to Con Board members.

  2. Costumes that may damage the site or pose a risk to other con goers may need to be ‘temporarily’ modified so that they are safe.  (such as massive wings that move without wearer control being locked into a single position)

  3. Prop weapons are welcome, but they must meet our Weapons Code and be tagged by con staff (Non-permanently)

  4. Costumes are not consent. If a performer or costumer tells you to leave them alone, go away, or are found harassing someone because of their costume or reported for doing such you will be dealt with as laid out in the Cosplay/Costumes are not Consent.

5. Photography and Videography

  1. Photography and Videography is welcome for personal and noncommercial uses by any and all in public areas.

  2. Media coverage by official news agencies must be cleared by the Con Chairman or Vice Chairman and follow our Media Policies.

  3. The headless lounge is restricted from photography and videography.

These rules are subject to modification and amendments as they are required.  As well we do ask that attendees do not try to work around the code of conduct to try to get away with things that they should not be doing.

All decisions regarding the Code of Conduct rests with the Board of Directors and their say on its interpretation are final.