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Our Charity

Watch here for official news on our 2019 Charity!

Last year we raised over $1000 for Craig Street Cats!

Welcome to the second rendition of the Wild Prairie Fur Convention, Winnipeg Manitobas finest celebration of Anthropomorphic art, culture, and performance!

This year we enter dangerous territory with Chinona Icepaw, and the staff of Furassic Park with it's wonderous creatures and amazing attractions. We're officially open for guest bookings now so feel free to book your ticket to get into the park.  We promise we aren't making monsters and we didn't hire the lowest bidder on the coding so there will be no fence failures.  Just don't tease the Corganisaurus Rex too much.

We are pleased to have to mostly local artists this year as our Guests of honor:  The artistically skilled Vallhund, and the creative game designer Klace!  Feel free to peak at our Guests of Honor page to get the full scope on these amazing guests!