Parent Guide

If your child has expressed interest in Wild Prairie Fur Con or the furry fandom as a whole, we’re sure you have some questions. Read on for answers to some of the most common ones, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something we haven’t covered here.

What is Wild Prairie Fur Con and what does it do?
Each year, Wild Prairie Fur Con showcases and raises funds for an area animal related non profit.

In terms of our educational goals, much of our panel and workshop programming deals with tutorials of various types. The topics change from year to year, but you will generally see panels on improving your artwork or writing, costume construction or performance, and much more. You may also see a panel covering a topic that isn't related to furry fandom, such as a panel discussing a particular interest that relates to a sizeable number of our attendees. Beyond programming, the Dealers Den provides venues for people to showcase their talent.

Another goal for the convention beyond those already stated is to provide a social venue and entertainment for our attendees. Attendees from all over come to Winnipeg each year for Wild Prairie Fur Con. Many of these people are friends who have found each other via the Internet or at other events, and our convention provides one of the few times they may be able to see each other during the year.

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What is the furry fandom?

A fandom is a collection of people who are interested in a similar topic; think football fans or fans of a TV show. Furry in general is the study and/or appreciation of anthropomorphic animals, which are animals with human characteristics. Think Disney and Warner Bros cartoons, Zootopia, and Bugs Bunny.

What furry means to each individual can vary and it may be different from person to person in the fandom. For some, it is just the appreciation of animals and anthropomorphic animals. Others may develop their own characters based on real or fantastical animals or mixes of either. For some, these characters are just masks they put on when in the community, but others may feel a spiritual connection between themselves and their character.

What are some events at Wild Prairie Fur Con?
Wild Prairie Fur Con plays host to many and varied events. In addition to the panel and workshop programming mentioned above, we host larger events including gaming, dance competitions, and talent shows.

Do you need a costume to attend Wild Prairie Fur Con?
Absolutely not! A majority of our attendees do not own costumes.

Is Wild Prairie Fur Con age-appropriate?

We offer a variety of programming and events intended for a wide spectrum of audiences. Programming is generally appropriate for all ages. Certain evening programming involving mature themes, or otherwise inappropriate for minors, may be restricted to adults only; such programming is clearly indicated on event schedules.

While costuming and conduct for all attendees must comply with our Code of Conduct and applicable legal statutes, parents should expect a wider variety of costuming and expression after the sun sets. In addition, vendor areas may contain material which may be inappropriate for minors. Vendors are required to ensure such material is not displayed or visible to minors regardless of the vendor's assigned area.

Attendees under the age of 18 are issued clearly identifiable minor badges. Admittance to mature programming is restricted to adults 18 years or older, and enforced either by badge check or legal photo ID age verification.

Parents and guardians are reminded that children under 16 years of age must be accompanied at all times, and that accompanying adults are responsible for both the location and conduct of their charges.

What are the registration policies and prices for children at Wild Prairie Fur Con?
Children 16+ years of age may attend the convention without their parents or guardians, but must provide a signed and notarized copy of our parental permission form, which is available here.

Children under 16 may attend only with their parent/guardian or with another adult that has been given permission to act as the child’s guardian. To attend without their parent/guardian, the child must bring a signed and notarized copy of our short term guardian form, which is available here.

For full details, please see our Minor Consent Forms and Registration FAQ pages.