Welcome! You have landed on the Volunteers page. If you have a spare hour and want something different to do, we welcome you with open arms! We depend on our small, but dedicated army of volunteers to help with the thousands of things that need to be done. While we cannot pay our volunteers for their unselfish service, we can at least try to make their efforts worthwhile.

Perks for Hours Volunteered

Returning Volunteers with 8+ hours of time from the previous year get in on a basic pass for free! 4+ Hours get 50% off of a basic pass. New volunteers DO NOT receive a free pass for this year.

Under 4 hours

Pick from prizes

4-8 Hours Volunteered

50% off the next years Standard Pass level plus a pick from prizes

8+ Hours Volunteered

Free Standard Pass at the next years plus first pick from the prizes!

And of course, drinks and snacks for all volunteers in the volunteer lounge area!

Here are some examples of what we need help with:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Registration volunteers
  • Game Room volunteers
  • Dealers Den volunteers
  • Dance Crew volunteers
  • A/V assistants
  • Headless Zone volunteers
  • Door Guards

Feel free to click on the button to sign up ahead of the convention, or stop by the Volunteers table for more information!

To do some volunteer jobs you absolutely MUST be 18+ as of the start of the con as you may be required to be in areas where 18+ content is being discussed or presented. However, we will gladly accept volunteers who are 16+ for other tasks.

Thank you for your interest in helping out with Wild Prairie Fur Con.