Dealers FAQ

Selling at Wild Prairie Fur Con

Selling at Wild Prairie Fur Con is restricted to individuals registered with the convention to sell in the Dealers Den.

Can I sell things out of my room, or in the hallway?

No, sales are restricted to persons registered with the convention to sell in the Dealers Den.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell in the Dealers Den?

Real fur MUST be marked as such (not discouraged). We do request that all merchandise be sf- fan- or furry-related. Bootlegged items being sold as licensed merch will not be allowed, and any fan art of works that have a "do not sell" clause such as RWBY will be asked to be removed from the Dealers inventory. Sales of any unlicensed merchandise which is the intellectual property of another person or business entity is forbidden.

Please see the rules on the Dealers Den main page for more information. We do have rules regarding the display of adult items; Adult art and Not Safe for Work content CANNOT be put on display. It can be kept in a binder/portfolio for those that are 18+ to look at. Art must still be properly censored so that any minor that might catch a glimpse sees nothing inappropriate. Adult art must be sold rolled or in a completely opaque bag so that it is not viewable when the purchaser is walking around in convention public spaces.

How do I apply for tables?

To purchase tables in the Dealers Den, please click here. Be sure to read the Dealer Instructions before filing your application.

Can I request a specific location for my table?

Specific locations cannot be requested, however you are welcome to request being near/far from another potential dealer. Note that while we will attempt to honor all requests, we do not guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Can dealers share a table?

Yes, we do permit dealers to share a table. Please see the Dealer Information page for various ways to inform us that you wish to do so.

Application approval, waiting list, and cancellations  

How do you decide which applications are approved?

All applications receive equal consideration, with approval based on the merchandise description and, if deemed appropriate, a review of the dealer website if one is provided. We feel this is fairer than using a strictly first-come basis, and it also gives us a chance to ensure that we can to provide our members with a variety of merchandise. It also allows us to continue bring in new dealers at every convention.

What happens if my application is not approved?

All non-approved applications received are placed on a waiting list. The same criteria used in selecting which applications are approved are used to determine their placement on the waiting list. If additional tables become available for any reason they will be offered to dealers in the order they are on the waiting list.

What if I need to cancel my table?

If you find that you will not be able to make use of one or more of your dealer tables, please inform us as soon as possible. It is unfair to dealers who are on the waiting list to keep them waiting until it is too late for them to make reasonable travel arrangements. We will only grant refunds for table space if the cancellation is received in a timely fashion. Note that table space may not be transferred to another dealer without the prior approval of the Dealer's Den Manager.  Full refunds for dealer tables are only guaranteed if requested 45 days before the con. After that date, refunds are subject to our ability to resell the table.