Dance Competition

Shake your tails or whatever you’ve got!

Whether you’re dancing in a fursuit, covered in glow sticks, or can’t dance at all, we’re pretty sure you’re going to have a blast!

This high-energy event encourages the audience to clap along, yell, and cheer for their favorite dancers as each one gives their all to put on a great performance. This event is held in the Main Ballroom if you plan to attend!

Rules for the Dance Competition:

Must be wearing at least, a head, hand paws, and feet paws in order to qualify for prizes.
Feet paws/Equivalently difficult footwear as decided by the Judges
Song must not be longer than 3 minutes (180 Seconds)
Song MUST be radio safe.
Song is not changeable as of the day of the competition.

We do ask that you send us a copy of your song via contact page upload.

Do you fancy yourself a dancer, or always wanted to give it a try?

Sign up to the competition and come have fun! If we get flooded with entries, we will set up prelims so that everyone has a chance to have fun and dance!

It's a competition, but everyone's there to have fun! If you are not a dancer yourself and don't feel like trying out, you are welcome to come be part of the audience.

The audience for the competition finals is huge, so make sure you show up early to get a good seat. Don't be afraid to get loud as you see fursuiter after fursuiter dance to their custom mixes.

Come get some action shots! Photography and videography welcome but no flashes.

Wanna just sit back and relax and watch? That's totally cool too! Just come enjoy this amazing showcase of talented dancers having fun!

Feel free to start practicing early of course, but don't forget to sign up in advance as there are no on-site signups at this convention! We hope to see you out there, shaking those tailfeathers... tails? Eh, just go have fun!

Sign ups WILL be available at the con unless we have too many entries before the con starts!